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Review of Workplace Office Ergonomics

22 Oct 2017


October is National Safe Work Month, an initiative of Safe Work Australia. Safe Work Australia is committed to building safe and healthier workplaces for all workers.


That is why we are encouraging you to review your workplace office ergonomics.


As an ergonomic  specialist, I’m a huge supporter of the National Safe Work Month initiative as I advocate with business owners to ensure that their employees work environment is structured in such a way that they are more productive for your business – removing the risk of injuries during their work performance.


In an office environment - it’s so easy to purchase and install a desk and a chair and set-up a computer with a screen and keyboard  then have your staff member up and running with work.


However, the questions you need to ask yourself right now are:

  • Are our staff members properly assessed for their height and other working conditions, to achieve optimal productivity?

  • Do we provide training to our staff on safety in the workplace and recommendations on what they can do during their work day to avoid any injuries?

  • Are their opportunities for us to improve our team’s productivity, without causing any injuries?


We’ve worked with businesses where solutions have been introduced for their team from ensuring that each person has the correct positioning of equipment they need access to – through to height adjusted desks.


Having these solutions in place can alleviate or completely remove the below issues for your employees:

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

  • Neck and Back injuries

  • Headaches and migraines

By putting in place solutions to counteract these injuries means that you lessen the opportunity for Workers Compensation Claims – saving you time and money!


Want to know more about how easy it is for us to perform an ergonomic assessment and implement in your business? Contact the team today.


For more information about National Safe Work Month, visit:

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