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Conducting audits to comply with WH&S | Safe Hands Work Solutions

Reduce Risk with Compliance

WH&S Audit

When you consider the most significant things that can impact upon the productivity of a business, employee output is right up there. By addressing employee health and safety, efficiency improvements will follow.

The laws and regulations that relate to work health and safety in New South Wales are constantly changing as workplace environments evolve.

As a person in control of an organisation, you need to know what parts of the Work, Health and Safety legislative framework most affect you.

You also need to have in place effective management and operational systems which promote worker health and safety and are designed to prevent workplace accidents, incidents and work-related illness.

Safe Hands Work Solutions will work with you to carry out a gap analysis and develop a safety strategy specifically tailored to your business needs. We will help you make all necessary changes and make sure that that your workplace practices are meeting legislative requirements.

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