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Assessing Risk and providing training | Safe Hands Work Solutions

Minimising Risk in the Work Environment

Workplace Risk Assessment and Training

Safe Hands Work Solutions offers an experienced and independent consultancy service in all aspect of Risk Assessment and Management.

Our service to you involves risk assessments, injury prevention and risk management plans to ensure legislative compliance.

We will analyse your systems, operations and procedures and offer innovative solutions to improve health and safety efficiencies.

So often we find that, with better control and monitoring of risk factors, operations and procedures run smoother which, in turn, enhances worker performance and improves business productivity.

Behavioural change brought about by training is often the key to improving workplace safety and efficiency.

We are proficient at helping workers look at their workplaces with fresh eyes; identifying potential hazards and learning how to assess the associated risks and control these risks.

We know that it is a lot more cost effective for business owners to become aware of the pitfalls of current operations and procedures at an early stage so that safer, more efficient manual handling and WH&S safeguards can be implemented and monitored.

After consulting with us, not only will you have a safe work environment, but your employees will better understand their work environment and how to perform safe operating initiatives.

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